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You’re here because advice for job seekers on the web is a cluster of lackluster information at best and downright stupid at worst. Writing a resume, writing a cover letter, answering interview questions, answering salary questions, designing your job hunt, and getting organized in your business life are monumental tasks these days.

How do you deal with a bad boss? How do you deal with jerkface co-workers? Interview like a rockstar? Job hunt like you’re Dog the Bounty Hunter? Don’t worry – I’m here to help. I’ve written Psychotic Resumes – the blog and the book – because people like you and I have a hard time breaking through the corporate walls and landing our dream jobs. It’s high time we stop flipping burgers and get back to doing meaningful work. The advice on my site and in my books is tried and true, field-tested and grandmother approved (yes, even the parts where I swear). I offer eLearning, the eBook, a free blog and free weekly newsletter with tips to help you on your job search! Have some advice you’d like to share that I haven’t? Share it!